Important Accessories for Your Caravan

Caravan waste and water containers - make sure not to bring unneeded weight on the road, as a result water containers together with their waste equivalent are crucial. Plastic jerry cans are okay, on the other hand, if the water supply of the site is very far away to pitch and you are bringing a lot of things with you, then invest in roller containers, one each for waster and fresh water. Don't utilize one for both. To read more about the caravan view the link.

Caravan toilet chemicals - this is definitely a must. In addition, you must also consider having a toilet tent to be used away from the caravan.

Crockery - don't mind the household china since it is heavy, chips and breaks and does not impress anyone. Purchase a great caravan pleasant set of crockery. The melamine set which has 16 pieces is only about 30 pounds. A standard set of cutlery will do. Purchase a spork when a spoon and fork is missing.

Basic toolkit - you will surely regret if you don't have the basic toolkits. A wrench, rubber-headed mallet, screwdriver, socket sets, small crowbar, and wrench must be enough for usual problems that are encountered.
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First aid kit - it is important that this is always present in your car, on the other hand, make sure to have one for your caravan as well so that it is instantly at hand. Be certain that everyone knows where it is placed. If you are going to move in, then place it back to its original place once you are done using it. Replace any items that you have used or had already run out as soon as you possibly can.

Caravan leisure battery - no one who uses caravan will leave their homes without having this one. Around 60 pounds for 70ah, 90 pounds for 115ah. And make sure to keep it fully charged.

Fire extinguisher - it is important to have a dry powder fire extinguisher. It is able to manage category B and C fires such as inflammable gases including butane, cooking fats, diesel, petrol and so on. It will be able to save caravan, and even the people inside the caravan. To read more to our most important info about caravan click the link .

Caravan awning - this is fitted to the sides of the caravan, an entire awning can double your living area. The porch and canopy awnings don't provide similar living area, as a result it is a matter of the weighing costs against the space needed. And keep in mind to have an awning groundsheet.